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Suzhou Duke Security Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: Fan Kezhen

Phone: 0512-66033487

Fax: 0512-66033487

Mobile: 18962179534


Address: Building 2, 88 Kaima Street, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

Lock box

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  • Single hole lock box

    型号:B11 手提便携式锁具箱,一个上锁位,可配合联锁搭扣实现多人上锁… Name: Single hole lock box Model: B11 portable portable lock box, one lock position, can be used with interlocking buckles to achieve multi-person lock ...
  • Visible multi-hole lock box

    型号:B14 尺寸100*200*240mm翻盖式。 Name: Visible porous lock box Model: B14 size 100 * 200 * 240mm flip type. The sides are transparent and visible inside. Closed around ...
  • Wall-mounted portable perforated lock box

    型号:B13 一台设备的每个锁点,都用单把锁保证其安全,把这些钥匙集中… Name: Wall-mounted portable multi-hole lock box Model: B13 Each lock point of a piece of equipment uses a single lock to ensure its safety, centralizing these keys ...
  • Multi-hole lock box

    型号: B12 多孔锁具箱可以简化大型设备的上锁程序。 Name: Multi-hole lock box Model: B12 Multi- hole lock box can simplify the locking process of large equipment. When machines and production processes have ...

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