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Suzhou Duke Security Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: Fan Kezhen

Phone: 0512-66033487

Fax: 0512-66033487

Mobile: 18962179534


Address: Building 2, 88 Kaima Street, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

Solution Center

Your position: Solution Center

Since its entry into the market, Duke products have been recognized by many users for its original design, highlighting the convenience of the product, its compact size, novel appearance, wider range of use, and excellent compatibility.

As an enterprise focusing on research and development, we can provide users with not only products, but more importantly, we can provide professional product customization, from the concept proposal to the structural design, appearance design, performance data analysis, and final material analysis. We have professional engineers responsible for the selection and determination of the processing technology and the design of the packaging. Here we can fully enjoy the private customized grade treatment. Welcome to inquire and negotiate business!

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