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Briefly introduce the relevant knowledge of locking and tagging

Author: admin Source: Date: 2019-10-2 21:52:28

According to statistics from relevant departments, in all industrial injury safety accidents, more than 10% are related to locks, causing immeasurable losses to enterprises and individuals, so the use of safety locks is particularly important. The main role of safety locks is that it can properly lock, close, freeze or isolate the energy source of the equipment, thereby ensuring that the relevant staff can effectively control the release of energy during the inspection, maintenance and repair of the equipment to prevent accidents. happened.

What is a safety lock? Security locks are the tools used to lock and tag. So, what is locked up? The so-called lock is to use a lock to prevent unrelated personnel from operating power sources or equipment that need to be isolated at will. Locks can only be removed after the technician has completed the relevant work. The so-called listing is to use a tag to remind and alert unrelated personnel, and do not approach or operate isolated power sources or equipment.

In terms of industry, there are mainly the following situations where locks are needed: 1. Power switches, mainly including electrical switches, circuit breakers, switch buttons, etc. 2. Air source switches, mainly including engines and pressure vessels. 3. Pipe valves, mainly including pipes, storage tanks, gate valves, ball valves, etc. 4. Where warning is needed, such as corrosive chemicals, storage tanks, oil drums, etc. 5. Other places where authority management is needed, such as tool cabinet management, gas tank management, warehouse management, mobile devices, etc.

The purchase of safety locks depends on the appearance of the lock, the weight of the lock, and the relevant certificates of the lock manufacturer, including the certificate of conformity and instructions.

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