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Suzhou Duke Security Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • What kind of technology does the safety padlock need in production? 2019-05-22

    Only technology can make security padlocks of good quality, and it is a multi-faceted technology. So what kind of technology does this product need in production? The first is the design of the above technology. In the production of this product, a corresponding design is required. If it is ...... View details >>
  • What aspects of the quality of the isolation lock include? 2019-05-06

    When users use isolation locks, naturally they also want to choose high-quality products, but its high-quality products are also included in many aspects, so what are the aspects of its quality? The first is that it has a good light weight advantage when used, this ...... View details >>
  • What treatment is required on the surface of the safety lock? 2019-05-06

    In the production process of the safety lock, its surface also needs to be treated. If the surface treatment is not in place and it proves that it has no better quality, what kind of treatment does this lock need to perform on its surface? The first is the coloring process, because there are many locks that need to be eye-catching ...... view details >>
  • What are the requirements for isolation locks? 2019-10-02

    What are the requirements for use? The first is the need to have better adaptability when using it, because this product is used in different environments, such as chemicals, electricity, etc. There are also some congratulations because there is no corresponding advantage in production, or it is not in the design ... View details >>
  • Briefly introduce the relevant knowledge of lock and tag

    According to statistics from relevant departments, in all industrial injury safety accidents, more than 10% are related to locks, causing immeasurable losses to enterprises and individuals, so the use of safety locks is particularly important. The main function of the safety lock is that it can be correct ...... View Details >>

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