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Suzhou Duke Security Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: Fan Kezhen

Phone: 0512-66033487

Fax: 0512-66033487

Mobile: 18962179534


Address: Building 2, 88 Kaima Street, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

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  • Foreign trade customer feedback 2 2016-12-20

    Customer feedback: HiJoanna, Wereceivedtheshipmentlastweek, andIhavecheckedthepackageofftoday.Everythinglooksgood, thankyou.Thankyouforallyourhelp, andfastresponse.Ithasbeenapleasuredealingwith ...... view details >>
  • Foreign trade customer feedback

    Joanna, ThankYousomuchforyourpromptactioninexecutingthisorder.Muchappreciated .... View details >>
  • The 8th China International Occupational Safety & Health Exhibition 2016-10-10

    On September 27, the company participated in the 8th International Work Safety and Occupational Health Exhibition held at the Beijing National Convention Center. This exhibition attracted many professional visitors. During the three-day exhibition, it received a large number of professional visitors at home and abroad, most of them are foreign-funded enterprises engaged in safety work ...... view details >>
  • Why industrial production should be padlocked2015-07-01

    Lockout: Use the lock to lock the isolation device to prevent someone from casually operating the isolated energy source or equipment until the repair is completed and the lock is removed. Tagout: Use tags to warn others that an isolated energy source or device cannot be operated casually. LOTO = ...... View details >>
  • Introduction to NOSA five-star management system2015-07-01

    NOSA is also the abbreviation of "South African Occupational Safety Association", which now refers to the enterprise safety, health, and environmental protection management system, and its Chinese name is "Nuocheng". At present, NOSA's concept of safety and health has gradually been accepted by more and more people, and has been promoted in many countries and regions around the world ...... View Details >>

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