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Padlock safety locks

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  • Padlock dust cover

    型号:FC 套于挂锁锁壳外,防止细小尘沙进入锁体和锁芯内,延长使用寿… Name: Padlock dust cover Model: FC is placed outside the padlock lock case, preventing fine dust and sand from entering the lock body and lock core, prolonging the service life ...
  • Full copper padlock

    型号:P71 描述:纯铜锁体,加硬锁勾,超强抗冲击,不生锈 Name: All copper padlock Model: P71 Description: Pure copper lock body with hard lock hook, super impact resistance, no rust
  • Spark-proof aluminum safety padlock

    型号:PV1 锁梁采用防火化铝 Name: Fireproof aluminum safety padlock Model: PV1 lock beam with fireproof aluminum
  • Steel Melaleuca Lock

    型号:P61 重型层压钢制成,能抵抗严重的机械损伤锁梁高度有24和54mm可… Name: Steel Melaleuca Lock Model: P61 made of heavy-duty laminated steel, which can resist severe mechanical damage. The height of the lock beam is 24 and 54mm ...
  • 316 stainless steel lock beam safety padlock

    型号:P91 锁体材质为尼龙加玻璃纤维,具备极好的绝缘、抗腐蚀、耐温性… Name: 316 stainless steel lock beam safety padlock Model: P91 lock body is made of nylon and glass fiber, with excellent insulation, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance ...
  • Steel cable safety padlock

    型号:P51 钢缆安全挂锁常用于锁点周边空间受限的情况,能够最大程度的… Name: Steel cable safety padlock Model: P51 Steel cable safety padlock is often used in situations where the space around the lock point is limited ...
  • Copper beam safety padlock

    型号:P41 铜梁安全挂锁具有防火花静电,抗腐蚀冲击等特点 Name: Copper beam safety padlock Model: P41 Copper beam safety padlock has the characteristics of fireproof static electricity, anti-corrosion impact, etc.
  • Long beam insulated safety padlock

    型号:P81 长梁绝缘挂锁具有抗腐蚀氧化,不生锈,绝缘防磁防爆的功能,… Name: Long Beam Insulated Safety Padlock Model: P81 Long Beam Insulated Padlock has the functions of anti-corrosion and oxidation, no rust, insulation, anti-magnetic and explosion-proof ...
  • Fine lock beam insulated safety padlock

    型号:PS31 锁梁直径4.5mm材质尼龙材质锁体材质为尼龙加玻璃纤维,具备极… Name: Fine lock beam insulated safety padlock Model: PS31 lock beam diameter 4.5mm Material nylon material Lock body material is nylon plus glass fiber, with ...

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