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Valve safety locks

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  • Manhole lock

    型号:V71 防止误入密闭/受限空间,如油罐口等 Name: Manhole lock Model: V71 prevents accidental entry into confined / restricted spaces, such as tank openings
  • Universal door valve lock

    型号:V37 能够锁定大多数门阀,适合多种不规则阀门以及空间受限等条件… Name: Universal door valve lock Model: V37 can lock most door valves, suitable for a variety of irregular valves and limited space conditions ...
  • New ball valve lock

    型号:V18 全新的产品设计,提供更满意的锁定效果产品体积小,锁定方式… Name: New type ball valve lock Model: V18 Brand new product design, providing more satisfactory locking effect The product is small in size, locking method ...
  • Universal valve lock

    型号:V15 V15万用阀门锁具1.由工业级不锈钢和工程材料制成,抗冲击性… Name: Universal valve lock Model: V15 V15 Universal valve lock 1. Made of industrial grade stainless steel and engineering materials, impact resistance ...
  • Double gear arm universal ball valve lock

    型号:V14 本锁具主要用于球阀的双向锁定 Name: Double gear arm universal ball valve lock Model: V14 This lock is mainly used for two-way lock of ball valve
  • Single-gear universal ball valve lock

    型号:V13 本锁具主要用于球阀的开/关状态的锁定,针对多数异形球阀同… Name: Single-gear universal ball valve lock Model: V13 This lock is mainly used to lock the on / off state of the ball valve. For most special-shaped ball valves ...
  • Air source lock

    型号:V51 防止气源接头与高压源重新连接,适用于几乎所有的气源公接头… Name: Air source lock Model: V51 prevents the air source connector from reconnecting with the high pressure source, suitable for almost all air source male connectors ...
  • Door valve lock

    型号:V31-35 主要用于各种规格的闸阀的锁定 Name: Door valve lock Model: V31-35 is mainly used for the lock of various specifications of gate valves
  • Adjustable door valve lock

    型号:V36 可调节门阀锁具由抗冲击的ABS工程塑料制成。 Name: Adjustable door valve lock Model: V36 adjustable door valve lock is made of impact resistant ABS engineering plastic. Can be achieved for most ...

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