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Electrical switch lock

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Electrical switch lock (large)

Author: admin Source: Date: 2015-7-1 12:17:18

product description

Electrical switch lock is a new type of electrical lock, which can not only lock the emergency stop switch but also effectively lock other circular electrical switches to prevent accidental collision (DUUKE patented product)
Product name: Electric switch lock (large)
Model: E33
Packaging: 1 set / box
1. Patented product design. Realize rapid disassembly without any external force such as glue or screwdriver.
2. Rotate the plastic turntable on the top of the base clockwise to easily fix the base. It is convenient and fast. The base does not need to be fixed on the device for a long time. Ready to use.
3.Stainless steel 304 toothed card holder and nylon glass fiber clamps provide a more stable locking method, and effectively improve the overall weather resistance and extend the service life.
4. Locking range 32-35mm has wider versatility

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