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Suzhou Duke Security Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: Fan Kezhen

Phone: 0512-66033487

Fax: 0512-66033487

Mobile: 18962179534


Address: Building 2, 88 Kaima Street, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

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  • Safety signs

    型号:T21 安全标识主要为警示类标志标语,主要作用为目视化警示管理 Name: Safety Sign Model: T21 Safety Sign is mainly a warning sign slogan, and its main function is visual warning management
  • Adsorption warning signs

    型号:T22 吸附性警示吊牌为磁性材料,能够吸附在设备表面,可即时移动… Name: Adsorption warning label Model: T22 Adsorption warning tag is magnetic material, which can be adsorbed on the surface of the equipment and can move instantly
  • PVC warning tag

    型号:T11 常用普通吊牌,辅助提示起到警示作用 Name: PVC warning tag Model: T11 commonly used ordinary tag, auxiliary reminder plays a warning role
  • Customized warning tags

    型号: T12 PVC材质,规格大小和印刷内容根据需要修改 Name: Customized warning tag Model: T12 PVC material, specifications and printing content can be modified as required

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